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We are experts at delivering high quality, high care food around the world.

We have built our business exporting premium red meat for over a decade from some of the best producers and farms in Australia. In doing so, we have helped established end to end cold chain solutions for our customers around the world and understand QA compliance, export documentation and logistics requirements thoroughly. We are constantly identifying new products to add to our range.

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At Top Paddock we believe that the lambs should be allowed to graze freely on the rich native grasslands and pastures of our region. This results in a naturally lean and tender lamb and a true farm to fork experience.

From the lush green pastures in the south to the broad open rangelands in the north, our unique terrain allows for consistent yearly supply and a diverse range of products.

Sourcing Australian Lamb, Mutton and Goat Meat from specialty producers all over Australia.

Australia’s seafood industry provides the world with over one billion seafood meals every year. We can help you to find the perfect product to suit your customers.

Australia is well known for producing dairy products with excellent flavour from well managed sheep, goat and cattle herds, all produced in a clean and safe environment.

Pantry staples, butcher supplies and great Aussie pies. We have a selection of complementary products to diversify your range.

We can work together to grow your product range.

At MT Food Group we are expanding our range of premium food products to better help our customers source high quality items every day. This includes value added and further processed meat for retail, stocks and bone broths, poultry, smallgoods and more.

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