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The dairy industry in Australia

It all starts with the milk, and from this high quality base product we create cream, butter, milk powders, yoghurt and more. Our pure creamy milk is also the basis for many world class cheeses, such as cream cheese, many varieties of soft and hard cheeses, and manufacturing cheeses.

Making sustainable choices for the future

The Australian Dairy industry is on track to become carbon neutral in the next few years. Through the use of smart farming technology, combined with the latest research in animal nutrition and genetics, we will be producing clean, healthy milk for our future generations.

MT Food Dairy

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Australian Dairy

Milk, Cheese and more

Cream Cheese
Milk Powder
Shredded Cheese

Pristine pastures create the perfect environment for world class dairy

Australia has 8 main dairy producing regions and more than half of them are located in Southern Australia, with 3 in Victoria alone. The lush green pastures and higher rainfall create ideal conditions for consistent annual production of milk for cheese, yoghurt, butter and other dairy products.

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