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Top Paddock have partnered with the team at Sandalwood, a multi award-winning beef producer located in the Darling Downs region of southern Queensland, to produce a range of high quality wagyu that is free of antibiotics and HGP’s, perfect for both our food service and retail customers.

An award winning team

As one of the most established wagyu beef producers in Australia, the Sandalwood promise is to prioritise the care of their cattle for maximum health and wellbeing, offering a complete range of cuts that are full of flavour and deliver consistent quality all year round.

The wagyu cattle are long fed over an average of 450 days creating a natural intramuscular marble without the use of growth promotants. All marble scores are available, from MB3-MB9.

Top Paddock Wagyu is processed and packed at John Dee (Est # 243), a purpose-built plant located less than 2 hours from Sandalwood. John Dee is halal certified for all markets, has both HACCP & BRC accreditation, and is highly respected within the industry for attention to detail in processing and packaging.

We are experts at delivering high quality, high care food around the world.

Top Paddock Wagyu

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Attention to detail and experience

Top Paddock Wagyu is drawn from the existing wagyu programs run by Sandalwood. The cattle are composed primarily of F1 and full blood wagyu sires crossed with Angus heifers.

Each season the best genetics are selected based on historical production records to continue to build the herd and produce award winning wagyu beef. The cattle are fed a ration designed for slower growth to enhance intramuscular fat and not external fat. They gain approximately 1kg of weight per day over the 14-16 month program.

A multi-national team of nutritionists monitor the livestock at all times and the feed ration is adjusted to match their stage of growth. Barley is the primary ingredient and this is supplemented with wheat, protein meal and high-quality hay. Currently around 10% of the feed requirements are produced on-farm.

Committed to sustainable production

Sandalwood houses a modern, custom-built feedlot designed with animal comfort in mind. Every pen in the yard is under shade, there are separate water and feed troughs which are checked regularly and cattle are monitored daily.

Sandalwood are committed to continually innovate to reduce the impact on the environment, further conserving our natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations. Recently they implemented a range of strategies to increase renewable energy usage and reduce methane gas emission by incorporating new feed additives which are improving the gut health of the livestock. Every year investments are made to strengthen the business including introducing the latest wagyu genetics, expanding feed production facilities, preserving water resources and improving cattle facilities.

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