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Our Grassfed Beef is primarily sourced from British breeds such as Angus and Hereford. Grainfed Beef is primarily sourced from northern Australia, with Veal and Organic Beef from both areas. With over 40% of the land in Australia used for grazing livestock, the beef industry is one of the main drivers of our economy.

Sustainably raised in Australia

The Australian beef industry is on track to be carbon neutral within the next decade and our producers are using new feeds and technologies to improve on farm processes. Angus and Hereford breeds offer excellent eating quality when raised on grass, and Victoria and Tasmania in southern Australia have abundant natural pastures and some of the best climates in the world to raise cattle. Good quality Grainfed Beef is reliant on excellent procedures and systems in place, from cattle selection at the beginning of the grain feeding cycle through to weight management and careful monitoring of the specific variable factors unique to each farm and region.

Australian Beef

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Beef, Veal & Wagyu

We have a broad range of beef available as primals or further processed into burgers and mince or sliced and diced to your specification. Branded beef programs are available to some regions as natural fall.

Grassfed Beef
Grainfed Beef
Organic Beef
Sustainable Beef
Further Processed Beef
Value Added Beef

Australian Stirk Veal

Sometimes called Rose Veal for the glossy pink colour, Australian Stirk Veal is quite different to its European counterparts. Raised on milk and allowed to roam freely in the paddock with their mothers, carcase size is typically 70-150kg, and the veal has an excellent flavour and softness sought by Chefs from around the world.

From May – September small quantities of Bobby Veal are sometimes available, which is paler than the Stirk Veal and comes from a smaller, leaner carcase size of 15-30kg.

Australian Wagyu

Australian Wagyu has a great reputation both domestically and around the world. With marble scores up to 9+ this breed is unsurpassed for its marbling, is high in monounsaturated fats and contains above average levels of both Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Wagyu is a unique breed that has amongst its key attributes a highly marbled meat, they are easily handled due to their quiet temperament, the animals are resilient in the feedlot and have a high carcase yield.

Value added Beef, portion control cuts and further processed Beef

We can produce burgers, mince, sliced portions and diced beef to your own recipe and size specifications. You select the type of beef you prefer and we do the rest. Private label or under our brand, we can work together to deliver exactly what your customers need.

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